"Skip this production and you deny yourself an experience that embodies the most moving, thought-provoking qualities of live performance. See it and you’ll cheer for this great classic of the American theater" - ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

"Colella’s dynamic, scornful No. 10 restlessly prowls the stage as he spews ugly epithets, all directed at the defendant and other unnamed racial minorities referred to only as 'they' and 'them'." - ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER

John Colella channels the vitriolic and fiercely bigoted character once played by Ed Begley. His epithet-laced tirade near the climax is one of the show's peak moments. - LA TIMES


CRITIC’S CHOICE  “Smart, quirky and always engaging, this seriocomic tour de force explores mysteries of love, existence and human connection with the best precision staging a finely tuned, 12-member professional ensemble can deliver in an intimate space”. -LA TIMES

RECOMMENDED “Playwright Steve Yockey has penned a jewel of play that slickly juggles elements of mystery, romance, comedy and drama...Cast performances are top-flight” -STAGE RAW

“Colella and Phelan share great chemistry and their characters balance each other out...Entertaining and humorous, this show would be a weekend night well spent”. -NEON TOMMY


“a finely-tuned performance, Colella’s star turn proving hardly a surprise given his Scenie-winning lead performance in Rex Pickett’s Sideways The Play”-STAGESCENELA

“the entire cast is glorious. The pacing is just perfect and Hall and Colella have terrific chemistry together.  Individually they all nail their characters' strengths and weaknesses...they are first-rate”. -GRIGWARE REVIEWS

“Colella's Phil's much more than a deer caught in the headlights. Colella convincingly explains his indiscretions, while expertly sidestepping the numerous verbal land-mines Joan tosses”.  BROADWAY WORLD


CRITIC’S CHOICE "And in the climactic interview that brings Phillips’ thesis to electrifying light, John Colella and Matthew Scott Montgomery are riveting and indelible" -LA TIMES

GO "a terrific team of actors directed with skill and nuance" -LA WEEKLY

RECOMMENDED "Colella's tour-de-force monologue" -STAGESCENELA

RECOMMENDED "Colella’s fine impassioned work" -GRIGWARE REVIEWS

"...infamous gay activist Vince, essayed ever so passionately and genuinely by the riveting John Colella in a heartfelt performance...beyond his physicality; emotional fervor can be so sexy" -CULTURE SPOT LA

"The cast is palpably committed to the material and uniformly subtle in its performances... John Colella is also a standout in this inspired, thought-provoking monologue as a painfully cynical gay journalist" -ARTS IN LA

"cynical, hard boiled veteran of the ACT UP era (Colella, channeling an ironic-toned Michelangelo Signorile type)" -STAGE AND CINEMA


PICK OF THE WEEK  “imbues his character with equal parts self loathing and vulnerability” -LA WEEKLY

WOW “the spontaneity and fire brought to his role prove textbook examples of stage acting at it’s best...a master class.” -STAGE SCENE LA

“Marvelously played...captures the complexity of his character...a multilayered performance.” -SANTA MONICA MIRROR

“Gentle, smart, iconic, and heartfelt as Miles” -LA THEATRE REVIEW

“Comic timing couldn’t be better” -STAGE AND CINEMA


RECOMMENDED “Colella successfully thrusts home with poetic parlance, bringing an effortlessness of speech to the verbose role.”  -LA Weekly 

MUST SEE PICK “Colella nearly walks off with the show. He is brash, he is insolent, he is sympathetic, but most of all he is heartbreaking.” -Review

RECOMMENDED “Encompassing comedy and pathos, swordsmanship and fighting skills, verbal agility, and charm.  Stepping into the boots (and wearing the prosthetic nose) of Cyrano, John Colella gets it more than right.  Initially seeming like a swashbuckling stand up comic, his performance gains in depth in each act, finally moving one to tears.”  -Santa Monica Mirror 

“The show has a gallant Cyrano at its center, a deft and understated John Colella, as much at ease with the play’s rhythms as his Cyrano is riven by self-loathing.”  -LA Times

“John Colella creates his classic role with intelligence and humor.  From his mouth come quips and barbs, from his eyes come warmth and sadness.  He merits the prosthetic as much as actors of a certain age and skill merit Lear’s crown.  Comfortable onstage, easy with sword in hand, polished in preparation and delivery, Colella is the undisputed star.”  -Backstage West

“ and well done...Colella’s work in this show is nothing short of a revelation...played with an outward panache and zeal that wins you over immediately.”  -World of Stage

“Colella commanded the stage, and much like his character, captivated the attention of his audience.  He handled Cyrano’s verbose discourse with ease and masterfully walked the line of conceit and self-loathing.”  -Culver City News


TOP PICK “The chief pleasure here is Colella, who dives headlong into Shanley's soap and comes up beaming. A Sinatra song in a porkpie hat, he makes heartache a lot of fun...a winning performance.“  -LA Times

“Steals the show with his cool demeanor and his perfect ‘dese, dem, and dose’ accent.   He establishes his Italian ‘chops’ by getting the audience to join him in singing ‘Volare’ when he makes his entrance, and he has them from the first ‘Whoah-ho’.  The wiry, sexy John Colella is a delight to watch.”  -The Santa Monica Daily Press

“Colella charismatically leads this wonderful ensemble as he addresses the audience with a sly smile...He could charm a snake from its skin in this affable role.”  -EyeSpyLA


GO “Palminteri’s rapid-fire dialogue is expertly handled by the three-person cast.”  -LA Weekly 

CRITIC’S PICK “With this extraordinary cast who personify these well defined characters, create a sensational evening of fun.”  -KCLA KLAS

“Colella is impressive as he segues into various emotional mind shifts...

He and Hall work the pair's relationship to humorous effect”  -Variety

“Colella is sharp and funny as Tony, a principled mobster on the path to self-enlightenment”  -Backstage West

“John Colella gives an outstanding, layered performance as this conflicted killer.”  -Santa Monica Mirror 

“The conversation between Colella and Hall is so engrossing and the acting so perfect “  -Curtain Up